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Travesti's sex as a political factor

Atualizado: 11 de fev. de 2021

Article presented in "International Congress of Americanists", by the University of Salamanca, in July of 2018


This article comes to question and reflect on the importance of the current subversions and reinventions generated by the occupation of media spaces by travesti people in the Brazilian reality. Brazil, especially in the last decade of 2010, has been going through a social and ideological restructuring based on the schedule generated by celebrities and politicians regarding issues of the LGBTI environment. Making a more specific cut, the object of our look is the narrative, often explicit, of the sexual dynamics of dissident gender identities through music and art, that is, lyrics and performances by travesti artist from Brazil Linn da Quebrada. In this article we will be developing a first phase of the research, which includes taking bibliographic data and a brief reflection on the travesti artistic scene in Brazil from a Brazilian travesti artist who occupies a privileged place within the general context of this type of artistic expression in parents

Keywords: Epistemology; Gender; Linn da Quebrada; Performance;

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