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Possible knowledge practices for undisciplined bodies

Article presented in "Intercom", by the Brazilian Society for Interdisciplinary Communication Studies, in December of 2020


This article aims to elaborate a possible epistemological outline for undisciplined bodies, that is, to rethink and problematize the hegemonic knowledge statutes in order not to categorize or depontentialize the lives of the studied subjects.We will bring some bases that must be considered when taking an epistemological path of research, such as the location of knowledge, the consideration of the body as a living power and the context as relevance.After that, we will raise three possible epistemologies for ethical research, namely: performance (Diana Taylor), Southern Epistemology (Boaventura de Sousa Santos) and micropolitics (Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guatarri).We believe that, following the approaches proposed here and, above all, respecting the research subjects, new knowledge and experiences can be discovered.

Keywords: Body; Epistemology; Southern Epistemology; Micropolitics; Performance.

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