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From recognition to the redistribution of dissident genders from language as power

Article published in "Revista Temática", by the Federal University of Paraíba, in January of 2021


This article aims to discuss and present the possibilities inherent to the language of power displacement from the instances of struggle forsocial justice, especially the space of recognition and redistribution for dissident gender subjects. Through the thought of Judith Butler in relation to the powers of reality definition present in language, the micropolitics of Deleuze and Guatarri and Nancy Fraser towards social struggles, we aim to propose a placement of language as the first instance of social demand, as well as proposed by Danillo Silva and Emily dos Santos. Thus, we can delimit a possible path of diligence vis-à-vis the great institutions of control and discipline that, in a Western logic like the one that this article was produced, decide who should speak and occupy spaces of power.

Keywords: Gender; Language; Power; Recognition; Redistribution.

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