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Journalistic coverage related to the death of travestis in Brazil

Atualizado: 11 de fev. de 2021

Article presented in "Intercom", by the Brazilian Society for Interdisciplinary Communication Studies, in June of 2018


This article seeks to present and develop a critical thinking about journalistic coverage in the deaths of travesti people in Brazil, bringing misunderstandings in terms of nomenclature and coverage of the news as a factor of extreme delegitimization of travesti subjectivity. For this, we bring the case widely publicized by the most diverse Brazilian websites and newspapers, that of the death of travesti Laura Vermont, who died in 2015 in the city of São Paulo.The case had great national and international coverage due to its character of extreme subordination and violence against travestis. Thus, we will bring the present study, from a qualitative analysis of the words and speeches used in the reports and comments, to emphasize the importance of valuing and respecting the particularities within the journalistic practice.

Keywords: Communication; Gender Identity;J ournalism; Representativeness; Travestis.

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