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Pornography and the Imaginary: the problematic reproduction of fetishized bodies and subjectivities

Atualizado: 12 de fev. de 2021

Article published in "Revista Iniciacom", by the Brazilian Society for Interdisciplinary Communication Studies, in December of 2019


The present article develops a reflection about the pornographic films transmitted and distributed through the internet, the reproduction of patterns, bodies and subjectivities farfrom reality and how these can negatively influence social relations. We see in pornography the possibility of understanding and, through a reformulation in its modes of production, of proposing a space of correct social representation. We also perceive the need for studies that use pornography as an object of social and representative understanding. We suggest the understanding of the stereotypes that are created in pornography and a thought about the change of these.

Keywords: Body; Communication; Imaginary; Internet; Pornography.

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