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I know you want to like me: the influence of gender discourses on Facebook

Atualizado: 22 de mar. de 2023

Article published in "3º Seminário Internacional Desfazendo Gênero", by the Federal University of Paraíba, in October 2017


This article seeks to discuss the importance of horizontality existing in digital social networks, considering them as a virtual agora for the exchange and sharing of information, knowledge and experiences related to dissident gender identities, which are the focus of this study. This study aims to investigate how the increasing use of these means of communication bluntly facilitates access to visions not so easily found in other media and how the same access can corroborate the formation of a thought that puts issues on the agenda of gender. We will use as the main basis to justify and delimit the main terms and theories present in this article studies by Judith Butler, Pierre Lévy and Raquel Recuero. The research object of this article is the posts made on Facebook, analyzing the corresponding interactions. Combining the bibliographic research of studies already consolidated with online questionnaires, we hope that this article shows the importance of being debated and brought up the reality and the difficulties that individuals who present a non-binary gender identity have in seeing themselves represented in conventional and how the internet can contribute to changing this situation.

Keywords: Gender; Influence; Information; Social networks

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